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These are a category of Indian passport holders which are marked as ECR. As per the Indian Government Emigration Act, 1983, these passport holder need to seek...
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If you are planning to travel abroad you must keep in mind the unexpected things or events that can happen to you during your stay in a foreign land. An Overseas Travel Insurance will cover you in case of unexpected medical or non-medical situations.
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Keeping in mind that when you are away from home and you still want to be connected to your dear ones. You can choose from the many types of calling card option given in this section. To know more about the features and advantages of these cards click on the link below….

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We at Visa online India understand that getting any kind of visa is a very complicated and time consuming process that is why we have made every effort to provide you information which is relevant for you. These document suggestions are put on our website after a thorough check with the concerned eswmbassies and consulates hence this will ensure a greater possibility of you getting a visa. However we would like to emphasize that Visa issuance is at the sole discretion of the embassy and it always better to check with the embassy regarding the document requirement before submitting your documents.